With all the technology these days, many think they can accomplish everything with an app. Real Estate is an industry that you do not want to rely on the latest download to your smart phone!  Whether you are looking lease or buy, you own property that you would like to lease or sell,  professional representation can save you a lot of money.  To give you a snapshot, we have our top 5 reasons to consult with a real estate broker!


#1 Market Research: Great brokers eat, breathe, and dream about Real Estate.  Every day, brokers are in communication with other brokers, looking up the latest listings, and taking note of each new sign they see driving down the road. Brokers are regularly closing deals in different sectors of town and understand the market/trends that are always changing.  When a client reaches out about their needs, a great broker knows of leads before the phone call is over.

#2 Experience: Real Estate is a broad industry, but each client’s needs are unique.  Trust the experience of a strong brokerage firm that takes interest in your business and offers many options for you to consider.  At Pirie Properties, we surround ourselves with the best in the business. We work closely with the highest rated architects, contractors, designers, and maintenance crews in town.

#3 Negotiations: We often work with other brokers that represent the other party (landlord or tenant, buyer or seller).  Having a good relationship with our competitors is important for clear and productive communication.  This benefits both parties, as you now have two groups of professionals that are held to a code of ethics and will work together for the most fair deal.

#4 Understanding Contracts: Whether signing a lease or purchase agreement, these contracts are lengthy and specific.  The last thing you want to do is be taken advantage of or mislead.  With a thorough review of your contracts, you may rest assured that you made right decisions.

#5 No Out of Pocket Costs: If you are seeking to lease or buy Real Estate, you will not pay your broker a penny!  The broker is paid a commission from the landlord or seller.  If you are a seller or a landlord, you do not pay the commission fees until a deal has closed!

We hope this information helped you understand the benefits of using a Real Estate Broker.  Feel free to call or Message us through our website for any questions!

Chad Pirie

Chad Pirie

Market Research/Client Relations Manager for Pirie Properties.

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